Product customization is a major trend in modern e-commerce, and Web-to-Print businesses are well aware of this. How to start using Visual Customization without adding extra work hours to your design team? We discuss this in our webinar "Visual Customization for Web-to-Print"!

Here is a sneak peek of what we’ll discuss:

  • Getting started with e-commerce Product Customization
  • Streamlining your design internal processes
  • Reducing manual tasks and time wastes
  • Reducing lead time and returns
  • Boosting sales and improving Customer Experience

Leonardo D'Aprile and Gabriela Romani, from Zakeke’s Marketing & Sales Team, are ready to explain how to let your customers visually customize your items to grow your Web-to-Print business.

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Meet Your Hosts


Leonardo D'Aprile

Product Marketing Manager

Leonardo D'Aprile is a seasoned Product Marketing expert with a passion for visual customization. With years of experience in helping companies implement and onboard Visual Commerce solutions, he's a sought-after thought leader in the industry.


Gabriela Romani

Omnichannel Sales Specialist

Gabriela Romani is an experienced Omnichannel specialist who has an extensive understanding of the challenges faced by Web to print companies. With her deep knowledge of visual customization, she can provide valuable insights and effective strategies to overcome pain points in this industry.