Looking to meet your customers' expectations with new engaging and immersive Shopping Experiences? Zakeke’s 3D Configurator can help you take your product catalog to the next level and move ahead of the competition.

Join our Masterclass "Live DEMO of Zakeke's 3D Configurator" and discover how to:

  • Get started with 3D models and 3D product configuration

  • Manage 3D materials, lights, and scenes

  • Offer made-to-order products

  • Enhance your product catalog

  • Create a custom and immersive Shopping Experience

Leonardo D'Aprile and Gaia Vernaglione, from Zakeke's Marketing & Sales Team, will guide you through the best ways to use Zakeke's 3D Configurator to stand out in the marketplace.

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Leonardo D'Aprile

Product Marketing Manager

Leonardo D'Aprile is a seasoned Product Marketing expert with a passion for visual customization, 3D and AR. With years of experience in helping companies implement and onboard Visual Commerce solutions, he's a sought-after thought leader in the industry.

Gaia Vernaglione

Country Director, Americas

Gaia Vernaglione is an experienced Sales specialist who has an extensive understanding of the world of Visual Commerce. With her deep knowledge of visual customization and 3D, she can provide valuable insights and effective strategies to use these technologies to move ahead of the competition.