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"Zakeke has been amazing"


"Zakeke has been amazing for our Shopify DTG website. Great UI and staff have been super helpful helping us solve our questions Works a dream."


Kennedy P. on
September 2022

"Major differentiator"


"Using Zakeke with my e-commerce store has enabled me to set up key differentiators that set my business apart from the competition. Allowing my customers to create their own designs - and to see what it will look like on a 3D model of the finished article - is something nobody else in my industry can do. And without Zakeke I'm not sure I could either!"


Gareth R. on
August 2022

"Positively Surprised!"


"I have been looking around for some time for this type of software and spent some money and time on other software developers that promise haven and paradise, but only, so far Zakeke has met my expectations."


Peter M. on
September 2022